Caricatú - Caricaturas para bodas y celebraciones

Caricatures for weddings

Regalos personalizados y animación artística, unidos en una idea original. Humor y buen ambiente para vuestro día.

Logotipo Caricatú - Caricaturas para bodas y eventos

Caricatures for weddings and celebrations

The most special artistic animation.

One or more cartoonists could add a touch of humor and a party atmosphere to your wedding, offering, at the same time, a creative gift to your guests.

The caricatures includes a logo with the celebration date and the name, the newlyweds caricature printed in a drawing format can also be included if desired.

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Two exclusive services in a single product on your most special day:

  • Personalized souvenirs .
  • Animation to provide fun and entertainment.

The most geniune idea for your wedding celebration.

Each cartoonist can draw about 10-15 black and white caricatures or 8-10 colored caricatures per hour . Live Caricatures made in international paper (A3 or A2), with indian ink and colored marker.

We are currently offering our service in weddings, communions, christenings, retirement parties, birthdays and private parties, along the UK and Europe.