Caricatú - Caricaturas para Eventos y Congresos

Caricatures for events

Call effect to the public drawn to your stand looking for his free corporate caricature.

Logotipo Caricatú - Caricaturas para bodas y eventos

Live caricature for fairs and corporate events

Caricatú is formed by a team of live cartoonists with ten years of experience in the world of promotional animation and corporate caricature.

Events and weddings gallery

We offer caricatures show for events, fairs, congress, corporate parties and exhibitions, throughout the UK and Europe.

iPad Caricature

Performed Live with the latest techniques: Wacom Bamboo, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note. With possibility of sending email. Projector available.

Traditional format caricature

Live Caricatures made in A3 or A2 paper format, with Indian ink and colored marker.

We are expert in fast caricature

Our live caricaturists service allows you to get three services in one product.

Artistic animation

To create a fun and different atmosphere in your event, for guests, customers and employees.

Merchandising souvenirs

Your logo, image and references on a drawing sheet along with the caricature. An advertisement placed in a preferential place in the custumer´s house.


Call effect to the public, drawn to your stand looking for his free corporate caricature.


We work for individuals, events companies, conferences and trade fairs.

Caricatú has served corporate caricatures in live events to companies and individuals around Europe. We move to any point.

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